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At Studio Sternstunden we rely on the transformative power of creativity to overcome barriers and create connections. For over a decade, we have been dedicated to the mission of creating positive change through artistic expression.

Our workshops are characterized by their process-oriented approach that prioritize the way over the end result. Participants learn to deal with uncertainty, adapt to change and develop a growth mindset. By promoting belonging and psychological safety, our workshops break down silos, encourage open communication, diverse perspectives, and contribute to a positive organizational culture.

Even individuals without prior artistic experience find themselves tapping into their creative potential during our workshops. Designed to refresh teams, foster human sustainability and togetherness, promote diversity and inclusion, our sessions offer a space for growth and exploration.

At the same time, studio sternstunden promotes engagement in the field of art by offering companies the opportunity to actively participate in artistic projects and support artists. Through targeted partnerships and collaborations, we enable companies to show their social responsibility and make a positive contribution to promoting art and culture. At the same time, we create a platform for artists to offer them new opportunities to develop their creative talents. This collaboration creates a win-win situation that enriches both the economy and the art scene and promotes a vibrant cultural environment.

Image by Dusan Kipic

how you benefit


  • Improved innovation and problem solving

  • Strengthened team dynamics

  • Improved employee morale and engagement

  • Strengthening the corporate culture

  • Increased diversity and inclusion initiatives​

  • participation in art and culture

  • demonstrating corporate citizenship



  • Unleashed creativity and innovation

  • Personal growth and development

  • Stress reduction and well-being

  • Improving creative skills

  • Opportunities for networking and collaboration

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We work with a wonderful selection of artists and offer you outstanding and exceptional art workshops. You can choose between tailor-made or off-the-shelf, a whole day or just a few hours, in your company, in our studio or on the go. If you send us an inquiry, we will contact you and suggest our specific workshops and our tailor-made options.

how it works
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