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At studio sternstunden the focus is on process-oriented art and protected space. In doing so, we create an alternative to a widespread understanding of art, which is often focused on the end product. We advocate a world in which art is valued as an expression of personal development and creative freedom. Our studio invites you to pause, enjoy the moment and devote yourself entirely to the creative process without succumbing to the pressure of performance thinking. We are a place for deceleration and individual expression that offers space for depth, reflection and experimentation. Here people of all backgrounds and abilities can experience the transformative power of art and rediscover themselves.

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In a world where the pace of life often hinders our ability to pause and reflect, promoting human sustainability becomes not just a goal but a necessity. At studio sternstunden we believe that art workshops are effective tools for promoting human sustainability - not only for individuals, but also for companies and communities.


Our workshops provide a haven for personal exploration and development. Through process-oriented art, participants are invited to engage intensively with their inner self and to use creativity as a means of self-expression and self-discovery. By promoting individual well-being, we lay the foundation for a sustainable and resilient society.


For companies looking to promote a culture of innovation and wellbeing, our art workshops offer a unique employee development opportunity. By encouraging creativity and fostering a supportive environment for experimentation, teams learn to approach challenges with new perspectives and a collaborative spirit. The result? A more adaptable and sustainable workforce ready to navigate the complexities of today's rapidly evolving landscape.


Our workshops extend beyond the boundaries of individuals and companies to the heart of communities. Through outreach programs and collaborative initiatives, we strive to democratize access to the transformative power of art. By including diverse voices and fostering connections, we lay the foundation for social cohesion, collective resilience and a more sustainable and equitable future.



Since 2018, Maya Wiesel has been working as an artist and art educator in the innovative You&Eye project. Originally launched as a pilot initiative by the Department of Culture, the success of the project in the first year led to its handover to the Department of Culture. With her six-year commitment, Maya Wiesel was an integral part of this transformative program.


You&Eye offers students between the ages of 12 and 18 a unique opportunity to come into direct contact with artists in their studios. Through intensive participation in artistic projects, students gain valuable insights into the world of art from a fresh and dynamic perspective.


In our studio sternstunden we are not only committed to process-oriented art, but also to redesigning art lessons in schools and kindergartens. We believe that art should not just be viewed as a minor subject or leisure activity, but as an essential part of a holistic educational approach.

We therefore offer educators and teachers the opportunity to further their education through our workshops. Our workshops are designed to convey educational approaches that promote children's creative development processes and expand their individual possibilities of expression.

We show how process-oriented art can help strengthen children's self-confidence, social skills and creativity. We attach particular importance to ensuring that our workshops are practical and experience-oriented so that participants can integrate the methods and techniques directly into their everyday educational life.

Our goal is to inspire and empower a generation of educators and teachers to use art as a tool for the holistic development of their students. By breaking the boundaries of traditional art education and offering new ways of creative learning, we help create an educational culture that celebrates diversity and uniqueness and appreciates and promotes the uniqueness of each child.



At studio sternstunden we take our social responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to providing training opportunities. That's why we are proud to offer students the opportunity to complete their school internships with us for up to a year.

We believe that practical experience is invaluable in shaping the future generation of artists and educators. By opening our doors to students, we aim to provide them with practical learning experiences that complement their academic studies. During their time with us, interns have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative process, gain insight into studio management and work with experienced professionals.

Designed to be both enriching and rewarding, our internship program provides mentorship and guidance to help students develop their skills and pursue their passions. We see this as an opportunity to invest in the next wave of creative talent, nurture their potential and prepare them for a successful future in the arts.

Through initiatives such as our internship program, we hope to positively contribute to the growth and development of young artists and educators and empower them to make meaningful contributions to their community and beyond.


Studio sternstunden promotes engagement in the field of art by offering companies the opportunity to actively participate in artistic projects and support artists. Through targeted partnerships and collaborations, we enable companies to show their social responsibility and make a positive contribution to promoting art and culture. At the same time, we create a platform for artists to offer them new opportunities to develop their creative talents. This collaboration creates a win-win situation that enriches both the economy and the art scene and promotes a vibrant cultural environment.

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