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the painting game

We need a PLACE to paint because we, big and small, need places where we can find peace and where we can communicate with ourselves without passive influence. We need places where we can be together without judgment, admiration, competition or the need for explanation, where we can be who we are, without any thoughts of productivity, just because we are. In the Malort you will find a protected space with solid structures, lots of great materials for drawing and painting and mindful assistance. You will not find any painting instructions, specifications or role models here. Everything together enables you to achieve freedom of thought and the opportunity to discover a huge gateway to your own creativity.


Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.


Arno Stern

a little history on the painting game

Arno Stern, the founder of the painting game, has been working with people of all ages in his painting place in Paris for over 65 years. His theories on painting without judgment are now world-famous and an important part of the training of art therapists and educators. All of the painting game companions at the Sternstunden painting location were personally trained by Arno Stern.

The painting game is, as the word suggests, about painting AND playing. As with the game, the moment is the most important aspect. As painters, we immerse ourselves in the game, everything around us is forgotten for a short time, our heads are freed from circling thoughts and we can let go and relax deeply. The image is created in this moment, in the flow and in connection with ourselves.


What is painted is not evaluated, not commented on, not interpreted and painters learn to detach themselves from external judgments. According to Arno Stern, 'no external goal is imposed on the painted work' and 'the picture can arise from inner necessity'.

In the painting game, painters learn to trust their own abilities and can thus develop their natural painting skills. Far away from hectic and performance-oriented everyday life, without goals or thoughts of productivity, the painting location offers the optimal conditions for preserving and developing our very own inner track. In the painting game, painters find an often unexpected source of creativity and they experience the strength and peace that comes from experiencing the moment.


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